Having a baby is a very exciting time in your life!  It does not matter if this baby 
is your first, second or even your fifth, it is still a very exciting time for your family.  

There is so much time that passes between purchasing maternity clothes to picking out your 
baby’s first birthday cake.  This time goes by very fast and no one wants to forget about it.  You 
will want to remember every moment of the first year of your baby’s life.   

This is where I come into the picture.  I would love to help you document and remember those 
special milestones.  This can be done from the time of maternity to when your baby turns 
one-year-old.  My job as a photographer is to capture all of these moments and turn the photos into something that you will treasure forever.  I understand that when photographing a baby there is a large amount of planning as well as a very large amount of patience that goes into that time.  You should be assured that I am good at both of these.